Viva Kerr!

Valencia. April 18. Sun, high winds, dry track. 20 laps = 80.1km, Best lap: Kerr 1’28’’539 soit 162,84 km/h

With Pasini back on row two*, it was Belicchi who started Sunday’s Super Sprint on pole. Next to him for the rolling start was the ever-present current championship leader Ryan Sharp. As the race got underway with no hitches, Belicchi managed to hold the lead for just one lap, Sharp slicing past the Italian in a fantastic overtaking manoeuvre. With him went Robert Bell (David Price Racing) while Robbie Kerr – who started back in 11th on the grid – was notching up the fastest lap times to move up to fourth place after just three laps.

As they crossed the line for the fifth time it was an all-British trio leading the pack, with disappointment further down the field for Proetto, Scafuro and Bellarosa, who were all forced to retire.

The second Super Sprint of the year was amazingly intense. Belicchi (AFC Motorsport) and Mondini (EuroInternational) dazzled us with some superb braking manoeuvres, with Campaniço (Cram Competition), Danielsson (SRTS) and Lorgere Roux equally impressive as they battled it out.
At the front, Sharp was steady and looked to be on his way to a second race win of the year, having just missed out in Saturday’s Grand Race.
But Kerr was on a flier as he pulled away from his countryman Bell, his sights firmly set on closing in on Sharp.

While Mondini moved up into fourth place past Belicchi, Sharp’s lead was melting under the Spanish sun. Just one second separated him from Kerr going into the final lap, with Sharp taking control and holding the Englishman back at a respectable distance. But Kerr out-braked the Scotsman going into the last turn and moved up into the lead just in time to take the chequered flag. “To start back in 11th then go on to win was a dream, but I believed I could do it because the team had been working tremendously to make the car just right. They trust me and I trust them and I fully intend to catch Ryan in the championship.”

For the Scotsman, Sunday’s second place had a trace of bitterness. “I’m really disappointed for myself, but mostly for the team who’d given me a car to win with. I could have closed the door on Robbie, but I preferred to settle for the points rather than risk an accident. But I’m very disappointed this evening.”

*Following the second qualifying session, the Sporting Stewards decided to discount Pasini’s fastest three times due to a non-compliance issue.