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MONZA - März 2004
Qualifying 1. The tempo is set, and it looks like there are thrilling times ahead in the 2004 FR V6 championship. Yesterday, Robbie Kerr (Victory Engineering SpA) snatched the first pole position of the year from under the noses of the favourites, nudging Mondini (EuroInternational) into second by just 6 thousandths of a second! Which means Saturday morning´s Grand Race promises to be an almighty battle.
Right behind these two, Sharp (Jenzer Motorsport) and Jani (Dams) both enjoyed pole for a while, but the Scotsman finally pipped 2003´s vice champion to the post by a mere one thousandth of a second.

Other highlights were the excellent performance by Proetto (Eurointernational), who for his home round has shown us he´s among the ones to watch this season. He finished ahead of Belicchi (who is well used to this category), while the young Swede Danielsson (SRTS) soon got the hang of driving the FR V6.
Further back are Pasini (Victory Engineering SpA) and Shimoda (David Price Racing), who took part in last year´s championship and from whom we could´ve expected more. But it´s early days, and the season is just getting underway...

2. After Robbie Kerr, it´s now the turn of Robert Bell (David Price Racing) to take pole position. Both drivers, though new to the discipline, have spared no time in seizing the reigns of Renault´s mini Formula 1 and beating more seasoned drivers in the Eurocup FR V6. But in this second qualifying session, ahead of Sunday´s race, the battle raged from start to finish. And before Bell finally took pole, the honour had provisionally gone to Jani (Dams), Sharp (Jenzer Motorsport) and Mondini (EuroInternational).
Under a cloudy sky, and moments before a few spots of rain were seen on the drivers visors, Robert Bell marked his arrival and that of the David Price Racing team in the FR V6 by taking a superb pole position. Which means we´re in for some excellent racing on Saturday and Sunday. So it´s all eyes on the first green light, and watch out as the drivers brake into first turn of the legendary Monza circuit.